Sizzla is available to demonstrate his ball handling tricks (dribbling, spinning and juggling multiple basketballs), while talking about his journey through basketball and ultimately how he came to use his talents for something bigger than himself. He talks about how he played basketball growing up in the UK, came to the U.S to play basketball and now how he uses his talents for so much more.

Sizzla also uses the story of Dan Occhiogrosso, who runs a non-profit organization called Dribble the World. Dan and now many other people run marathons while dribbling a basketball the whole way! They do this to raise money for many different causes including helping AIDS orphans in Africa, stopping human trafficking and stopping Malaria from spreading in other countries.

Sizzla is available to go to  perform at any family Christian events. The message can be adapted to fit the needs of the audience. He is also available for festivals and other entertainment purposes.

The presentation can be given at –

Elementary schools, middle schools high schools, Christian schools, Upward Celebrations, Churches, youth groups and prisons, festivals and family events.

Check the videos on this page to see some of Sizzla’s ball handling skills!

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