This site is dedicated to helping players improve in every aspect of the game of basketball. It is ran by Sam ‘Sizzla’ Sisley a former US small college player. If you know any coaches that want to use this free tool for their players, send the link to the video and Sizzla will post it and write a positive  blog about the video.

During his Sophomore season of college Sizzla started to do ball handling shows for youth, he went on to do shows and open runs for a professional streetball team in the UK, Streetball Extreme.

 After sending a few emails Sizzla got connected with another ball handler Dan Occhiogrosso. Dan had a vision for using basketball for something bigger than himself. Dan and his organization run marathons, half marathons and other races while dribbling a basketball the entire time! They do this to raise awareness and funds for causes such as providing homes and families for AID’s orphans, stopping malaria and putting a stop to human trafficking ( Dan also does motivational assemblies where he uses ball handling and shares his story of using his talents to help other people (

Sizzla quickly caught on to the vision Dan had for using his talents for something bigger than himself. Sizzla now does motivational ball handling shows and is also training to run a half marathon while dribbling a basketball!

Check out the training videos on this site and the details of the game motivational assembly page.

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